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caspian/flamingos? we ship it like burning

Cair Paravel
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we've got fauns and shit

we are members-only, and have moderated membership. if you're interested in joining, please see this post.

~the rules~

01. participate. guys, it makes communities thrive. we don't want dead weight, ok?

02. loosen up. yeah, we're down to actually talk something through with you without capslock and flailing (occasionally), but this place exists for the purpose of squee and laughter and fun. don't take things too seriously and just relax.

03. stay on topic. this is a narnia community, so the posts within should have something to do with narnia - the books, the movies, the actors, or anything related, so long as it's there. and not just as a passing mention.

04. lj cuts are your friend. if your post is long, contains a lot of pictures, or is of ~adult~ content, use basic html to keep it off the flists at least.

05. friendslock your posts. it should be the default setting, but make sure.

06. create. we reward good fics and graphics (especially of the cracky or macro sort) with sexing lots of praise and virtual Turkish Delight.

07. get along, children. come on, it's okay for other people to have differing opinions and you neeeed to respect that. not too hard. (disagreeing is okay. flaming each other? not so much.)

08. keep in touch with the mods. all questions, comments, and suggestions ought to go here. we can't fix a problem if we don't know it exists!

09. have fun! orwewillkillyou.

aslan and anna and incest and slashing
centaurs and trumpkin and skandar's shirts clashing
whoring out william to all that we see
these are a few of our favorite things!

when watching the gate, when killing will's dates
when skandar won't get scantily clad
i simply remember my favorite things
and then i don't feel so bad!

staples and skandar and badgers and beavers
having it sorted and whoring out creatures
even the fucking magnificent king
these are a few of our favorite things

when miraz rules, when the witch drools
when skandar wears plaid
i simply remember my favorite things
and then i don't feeeeel so baaaad

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